Ergohuman vs Ergohuman

We compare the Ergohuman V1 vs V2 chairs within the Ergohuman range.

Ergohuman Standard vs Elite vs Luxury

A comparison between the Ergohuman Classic, Ergohuman Elite and Ergohuman Luxury/a> office chairs. Each Ergohuman chair model offers the same level of ergonomic comfort with a few variations in adjustments and chair seat width. Comparison Table CLASSIC 52cm Seat Width 3 Lock Tilt Adjustable Armrest Height Adjustable Armrest Depth Adjustable […]

We compare the Ergohuman Classic vs Ergohuman Luxury. The main difference between the Ergohuman Classic and Ergohuman Luxury, apart from the extra chrome finishing of the Luxury, is that the Ergohuman Classic has a wider body 52cm compared to the Luxury which is 50cm which may be more comfortable for […]

We compare the Ergohuman Elite vs Luxury range of office chairs. A comparison guide between the Ergohuman Elite and Ergohuman Luxury office chair. Both the Ergohuman Eilte and Ergohuman Luxury are part of Ergohuman’s latest range of ergonomic mesh chairs. They both include the 4D armrest, upgraded control arm have […]