Ergohuman logo on an Ergohuman 2 Elite Platinum office chair

Ergohuman 2 Office Chair Model Range Compare the features of the new Ergohuman 2 Office Chair Model Range. Compare the Ergohuman 2 Ultra to the Ergohuman 2 Elite and the Ergohuman 2 Luxury Office Chair. The Luxury will be launched in May 2024.

Ergohuman Generation 2 New for 2023, a new chair for a new era. The first complete re-design of the Ergohuman Chair in over 10 years.  Ergohuman 2 Elite Ergohuman 2 Elite Platinum Mesh Why update the Ergohuman Chair design? The existing range, often known as the Ergohuman V2, was launched […]

Home office nicely set up with an Ergohuman 2 Elite Platinum ergonomic office chair

As more and more people work from home, setting up a dedicated home workspace has become a necessity. The good news is that this means we have the freedom to curate the perfect space to make us more efficient and effective in our jobs.  A well-designed home workspace can help […]

Ergotool to place a gas cylinder

Using the ERGOtool to remove a Gas Cylinder from an Office Chair Often referred to as a Gas Lift, the Gas Cylinder is critical to the everyday operation of your Office Chair. When they wear out your Chair may have a sinking feeling as it does not maintain its height […]